Hawaiian Steel Guitar Symposium

Steel Guitar Symposiums For Your Community

The Hawaiian Steel Guitar Symposiums are a series of community-based steel guitar workshops and courses are held at various venues throughout the State of Hawai‘i throughout the year. The symposiums are presented to promote and perpetuate Hawaiian music and culture with specific emphasis on learning to play the Hawaiian steel guitar. No prior experience is necessary.

The purpose of the symposiums is to make available learning opportunities for those individuals wanting to expand their knowledge of the Hawaiian steel guitar, enhance their playability, or learn playing techniques from steel guitar masters. These symposiums may be targeted to various learning groups and are conducted by steel guitar masters who are known throughout the State of Hawai‘i and are expert in sharing their knowledge and playing techniques with others. The symposiums provide live instruction in an intimate learning environment where student and teacher can interact freely.

Tuition is nominal and varies for each symposium. Participants should have their own equipment, including a lap steel guitar and a portable amplifier. See the section on recommended equipment for suggestions.

These symposiums are made available to the public by Hawaii Institute for Music Enrichment and Learning Experiences (HIMELE) in association with the Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i School of Hawaiian Music.

The Keiki Steel Guitar Summer Institute is a six-session "Summer Camp" designed for school-age youth who are interested in learning how to play the Hawaiian steel guitar. The institute consists of six, 1-hour learning sessions.   » More

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