Hawaiian Steel Guitar Symposium

Gallery: 2018 Maui Steel Guitar Camp

This gallery contains photos and video from the 2018 Maui Steel Guitar Camp held on April 11-12, 2018.

Camp Videos

  Intermediate students first runthrough of Blue Hawaii in D9 Tuning
  Beginning students play Beyond the Reef
  Beginning and Intermediate students finished performance of Blue Hawaii
Camp Photos

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  • Alan Akaka spends some time with beginning students Teri Gorman and Ron Myers.
  • Alan Akaka and Teri Gorman.
  • Alan Akaka instructs the intermediate students.
  • Greg Sardinha reviews music with the beginning students.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Clockwise: Rebecca Woo, Vickie Van Fechtmann, Troy Brenningmeyer, and Larry Holu.
  • Al Nip, Lillian Fujumoto, Randee Chin, Daniel Tremblay, and Yukio Katagiri.
  • Rebecca Woo, Vickie Van Fechtmann, Troy Brenningmeyer, and Larry Holu.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Al Nip, Daniel Tremblay, and Yukio Katagiri. Beginning students can be seen at the rear of the room with Greg Sardinha.
  • Troy Brenningmeyer videographed much of the workshop for his personal use.
  • Rebecca Woo, Vickie Van Fechtmann, Troy Brenningmeyer, and Larry Holu.
  • Daniel Tremblay, Greg Sardinha, Yukio Katagiri, Ron Myres, Rebecca Woo, and Vickie Van Fechtmann.
  • Daniel Tremblay, Greg Sardinha, Ron Myres, and Yukio Katagiri.
  • Lillian Fujimoto and Randee Chin.
  • Al Nip.
  • Troy Brenningmeyer and Larry Holu.
  • Rebecca Woo and Vickie Van Fechtmann.
  • Yukio Katagiri.
  • Alan making a point.
  • Alan prepares the prerecorded music track to accompany Blue Hawaii.
  • The Maui Steel Guitar Camp Class of 2018. Front row: Troy Brenningmeyer, Lillian Fujimoto, Yukio Katagiri, Vickie Van Fechtmann, Larry Holu, Ron Myres, Teri Gorman. Rear row: Rebecca Woo, Randee Chin, Al Nip, Greg Sardinha, Alan Akaka, Daniel Tremblay, Addison Ching. Photo by Troy Brenningmeyer.
  • Alan observing as the intermediate students attempt the class assignment with live accompaniment by Greg Sardinha and Addison Ching. Photo by Sandy Sardinha.

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