2017 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp

Gallery: 2017 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp

This gallery contains photos from the 2017 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp held on April 26-27, 2017.

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  • Camp instructors Alan Akaka and Greg Sardinha.
  • Alan and Greg.
  • The camp was well-attended and included some steel guitar students from the University of Hawaii-Maui College's Institute of Hawaiian Music.
  • Students came prepared with their steel guitars and portable amplifiers.
  • Alan explains the mechanics of the class to participants.
  • Each participant came with a different level of experience.
  • Camp participants Mike Bonnice, Warren Barnes, Vickie VanFetchmann, Nancy Alegria, and Larry Holu.
  • Camp participants (closkwise) Elaine Olsen, John King, Art Bailey, Noriko Tomita, MIke Bonnice and Warren Barnes.
  • Alan, Greg, Rich Wilson, Jim Newberry, Al Nip, Loren Tilley, and Kris Oka.
  • Kris, Elaine, Art, and John.
  • Alan Akaka provided instruction to those with some prior steel guitar experience.
  • Greg goes over the tablature of a musical selection with the beginning students.
  • Dennis Singer tunes his steel.
  • Alan shows Elaine Olsen how to properly hold and position the bar.
  • Alan shows Elaine Olsen how to properly hold and position the bar.
  • Al Nip and Loren Tilley with Rickenbacher Frypans.
  • Kalina Wong with a vintage Magnatone Pearloid Finish (MOTS).
  • The beginning students spent time learning how to read tablature.
  • Greg Sardinha provides an explanation to Rebecca Woo.
  • Kalina Wong with a Magnatone.
  • Jim Newberry with an 8-string Clinesmith steel guitar.
  • Mike Bonnice with an 8-string Morrell steel guitar.
  • Larry Holu with a Canopus 8-string.
  • The Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp Class of 2017.

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