2016 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp

Gallery: 2016 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp

This gallery contains photos from the 2016 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp held on April 13-14, 2016.

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  • Clement Antonio, Jr.
  • Joseph Linn.
  • Al Nip.
  • Peter Thompson.
  • Elaine Olsen.
  • Dennis Singer.
  • Joel Katz.
  • Vickie Van Fechtmann.
  • Shinichi Kakiuchi.
  • Jack Aldrich.
  • Larry Holu.
  • Troy Brenningmeyer.
  • Eddie Lilikoi.
  • Charles Blythe.
  • Camp Instructor Alan Akaka.
  • Camp is in session.
  • Alan Akaka explaining steel guitar basics.
  • Camp instructor Greg Sardinha.
  • Tom Pollard.
  • Glenn ''Kalena'' Foster.
  • Students hard at work. From left: Joseph Linn, Joel Katz, Glenn Foster, Eddie Lilikoi, Al Nip.
  • Jack Aldrich, Larry Holu, and Troy Brenningmeyer practice technique
  • Additional students including Noriko Tomita, Kris Oka, and Ralph Czitrom joined the camp on Day 2.
  • Camp students practicing the class assignment.
  • Greg Sardinha sharing playing suggestions with the class.
  • Perfecting the class assignment.

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